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Happy Fourth!

Handwriting leads to better learning, creativity, mental health, social interaction, identity , self-reliant  expression and autonomy from artificial intelligence. The “PERSONAL IDENTITY” collection is an evolution from my previous work on handwriting which in 2016, which earned me an invitation to TEDx Talks and the publication of a book by University of Guadalajara. It will consist in a touring exhibition of paintings, sculptures, talks and workshops to display the allure of handwriting words, arithmetic, drawing and music notation. A catalog will be printed and publish an online video. I need funding to finish producing this new collection, so I am making a call for sponsors.

Children, parents, educators and general public will benefit from this vibrant exhibit. In addition to bringing fun and culture to public spaces, this captivating collection will present neurological facts in a simple, playful manner. Sponsors will be favorably positioned in an upcoming market and art collectors will benefit from reduced prices. A list of venues is available upon request.

The vibrant “PERSONAL IDENTITY” contemporary art collection of paintings and sculptures will begin exhibits November 2017. It will benefit children, parents and educators, presenting neurological facts in a fun and playful manner. Sponsors will be favorably placed in an upcoming market, patrons will be favored with lower prices.

– 10% Price reduction on paintings or dinner for 2 at Estudio-café – $100 USD
– 30% Price reduction on paintings or sculptures plus dinner for 2 – $500 USD
– 50% Price reduction on paintings or sculptures, plus your name or logo in the back cover of the collection’s printed catalog – $1,000 USD

* Donations above this amount will open special publicity through banners in public spaces where talks and workshops are held. Installments are possible, commitment needed before by August 15th.

For more information please contact Federico:
Telephone as dialed from US / Canada : (011 52) 322-120-4410

Links to previous work:


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